Ph.D. in art history, City University of New York, 2014  //  M.A. in architectural history, University of Virginia, 2005  //  B.Arch. with minor in peace studies, University of Notre Dame, 2003


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Conference panel: “What Is Architectural Scenography?” Under consideration, 2018  //  Conference panel (Roberto C. Ferrari, co-chair): “Architecture/Sculpture: Intersections and Interpretations.” Under consideration, 2018  //  Conference paper: “The Staten Island Civic Center and Architectural Scenography in Metropolitan New York.” Building the Outer Boroughs: Architecture and Urbanism beyond Manhattan - Brooklyn College, NY - March 2017  //  Conference paper: “Beaux-Arts Urbanism and the Neo-Georgian in New York City.” Re-Appraising the Neo-Georgian 1880-1980 - Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art - London, UK - May 2011  //  Conference paper: “The Public Realm and Classical Architecture in New York, 1880-1920.” Annual symposium, Association of Historians of American Art - St. Francis College, Brooklyn, NY - October 2010  //  Conference paper: “Virtue and Style in the Public Realm: The Space of Appearance and American Beaux-Arts Architecture.” Taking Up Space: An Interdisciplinary Conference - Duke University, Durham, NC - January 2010  //  Symposium Organizer: New Perspectives on Architecture in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era - CUNY Graduate Center - October 2009  //  Symposium Co-organizer (organizer, Roberto C. Ferrari; co-organizer, Margaret R. Laster): Why Victorian Art? - CUNY Graduate Center - February 2009  //  Conference paper: “David Ligare, Carlo Maria Mariani, and the Imago Hominis in Postmodern Classicism.” Annual meeting, Southeastern College Art Conference - New Orleans, LA - September 2008  //  Conference paper: “Classicism in the Modern City: The Paternoster Square Debate.” Annual meeting, Southern Conference on British Studies - Richmond, VA - November 2007  //  Conference Co-organizer: Shadows of War, Visions of Peace - Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, University of Notre Dame - South Bend, IN - March 2003


York College, CUNY (Jamaica, NY): Graduate Teaching Fellow, Fall 2006-Spring 2009; Adjunct instructor, Summer 2009-Fall 2012. Courses: Introduction to Art History; Cities and Urban Design in History; American Architecture to 1914; Indigenous and Colonial Art in Latin America; 16th-Century Italian Art

Mercy College (Bronx and Manhattan campuses, NY): Adjunct instructor, Fall 2007-Fall 2008. Courses: History of Western Art

Brooklyn College, CUNY (Brooklyn, NY): Adjunct instructor, Fall 2005-Spring 2006. Courses: Art History Survey